A Better Community Begins with You

What is your Hope for our Community? What does success look like?

No matter what your answer, we all recognize that to achieve hope and/or success, we must do the work. The Black community in America is in a state of unparalleled crisis with nearly every negative demographic, spiraling out of control (i.e. wealth, health, poverty, education, unemployment, incarceration, marriage, etc.). This is magnified with the latest epidemic being the “legal” murders of our young and defenseless boys by armed police. Coupled with the current political climate, our work is cut out for us.

If we are to change the future for our children, we must act now – not as individuals or single organizations. To be combat the issues we face, we must do it together – we must organize, we need the WHOLE. “The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Another way of saying this is that the ‘whole’ car is a combination of many ‘parts,’ with things like the carburetor, the fuel pump, the steering wheel, the seats, the motor, and so on being the ‘parts’ which work or function or interrelate together to make up the car which you drive in. You cannot take a drive somewhere with just one or a few ‘parts’ of the car, but you can drive somewhere in the ‘whole’ car. The whole being the sum of its parts’ is one of the most profound of concepts describing how the universe works at all levels of organization. And what I mean by ‘organization’ is that ‘parts’ are combined and organized together to form what I would refer to as ‘an organized whole. The Philadelphia Community of Leaders (PCOL) is attempting to build the “ORGANIZED WHOLE” and take on the leadership and be the vanguard of the many issues facing the Black community in Philadelphia.

PCOL’S mission is to halt and ultimately eliminate poverty and all of its associated ills, by organizing both our leaders and our people (masses). I ask you, if not PCOL, then what and who? Help us save our community. Our community is in need of so much, but what we need the most is leadership (shared leadership, where more of us are working together) and I’m asking you support this effort and make a contribution to PCOL.