Cultural Calendar

Our Cultural Calendar will list supported and/or sponsored events throughout the year which promote and raise the level of Black pride for our children and families. Our calendar is free and open to the community.

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Message to the Community

I write almost every week and my message is basically the same – it’s on us. Very rarely do I write based on what is topical or what is in the news. Most, if not all, of our issues are historical anyway and it does not matter what time it is – the Black community suffers from the same things we have suffered from since emancipation (economic disparity and identity crisis). Although I am very tempted to write about the presidential race and how neither political party has been a help to our community, we must choose between the “lesser of two evils” which means that we collectively must do all we can to ensure that Donald Trump never enters into the White House except as a visitor.

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WATCH: Jill Horner speaks with Ali Salahuddin about celebrating African-American culture throughout the year.

WATCH: PCOL Convener, Rahim Islam explains how we can, and should, "Do For Self". (Part 1 | Part 2)

READ: The Philadelphia African American Leadership Forum is committed to improving lives in Philadelphia’s African American community.

THROWBACK: PCOL Founder, Kenny Gamble, and "DMC" (Run DMC) on the messaging of old school Hip Hop, and what it represented to African Americans.

Universally Speaking

Listen live Sundays at 1pm to "Universally Speaking with PCOL" Hosted by Rahim Islam, Otis Bullock, Phoenicia Williams, and Bumi Fernandez, with conversations of interest in Philadelphia’s African American Community, on 900AM WURD.

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Anti-police-violence rally scheduled for May 21st to honor the memory of 7 year old Aiyana Jones, killed by Detroit police.