iBuyBlack Summit - Sat., May 20th

Come meet the leaders of the iBuyBlack Coalition, and hear their plans to generate more revenue for black owned businesses, create jobs in the black community and help young people in the black community start their own businesses. Philadelphia Technical Training Institute, 1901 W. Girard Avenue. Admission is free, but space is limited. Reserve your seat online, or call 215-247-1545.


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Message to the Community
from PCOL Convener, Rahim Islam

While the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s was a good start (we must not forget that this was one of the biggest internal fights in our country, second only to the civil war and the abolishment of slavery), it was immediately undermined and did not solve all of the wrongs committed against the Black community in America. Neither did it change any of the anti-Black laws, policies, and behaviors. Let’s be clear: Nothing has been done to address the economic impairment imposed upon the Black community in America. In fact, Black members of Congress have been trying to pass a bill for nearly 40 years to study the impact of slavery and Congress has repeatedly rejected it. This should tell you that at no time in this country has the Black agenda been a priority especially if there is an economic component attached to it.

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Cultural Calendar

Our Cultural Calendar lists supported and/or sponsored events throughout the year which promote and raise the level of Black pride for our children and families.

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June 17th: Juneteenth 2017. Celebrate with Us!
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TRIP: PCOL & African Genesis are going to Ghana Aug. 2019.
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Open Letter to the Philadelphia Black Community to support black businesses.
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PCOL Initiatives

Get ready to mark your calendars! PCOL is in the community addressing issues important to African Americans. Watch for opportunities to get involved.

2017: The Black Family Reunion
Black Male Engagement
Black Male Engagement
Afro-Caribbean Partnership
Afro-Caribbean Partnership

Sharpton on Racism
"Racism is a system designed to disadvantage people of color and create inequalities in each pocket os society. All white people are racist."
Shea Moisture Shunned the Black Dollar
SheaMoisture products are primarily used by black women and funded by black dollars, but recent commercials feature whitewashed models.
TLC's Chili ripped for "All Lives Matter" Comment
Questioned about the socio-political breath behind the Black Lives Matter movement, Chilli is unexpectedly subscribing for BLM’s countermovement.
"Dear White People"
The 10-show Netflx series, is a show for white people disguised as a “faux woke” comedy for black people.
Williams faces more federal corruption charges
The new allegations added to the portrait investigators have sought to paint since March of Williams as a man who lived beyond his means on other people’s money.
Black Harvard Students To Host Own Graduation Ceremony
The first university wide ceremony for black students designed to celebrate the unique struggles and achievements at the elite institution that has been grappling with historic ties to slavery.

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