Honoring the Ancestors: Rev. Leon Sullivan

February 19, 2017, join PCOL’s Cultural Committee for a tribute to Rev. Leon Sullivan. A free event, open to the public – Click here to RSVP!

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Message to the Community
from PCOL Convener, Rahim Islam

When we begin to discuss the Black agenda, we always hear that the Black community is not monolithic and there is no one who can set our agenda. This is immature and this type of response usually comes from upper-income Blacks because many of them have bought into American assimilation hook line and sinker. Their response is a masked justification for not working together. When we have so many issues, many of which are interrelated and interconnected, and we have extremely limited resources, both financial and human, if we are not synchronized and organized at the highest level (leadership), we will continue as we have – with little to no progress at all.

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Cultural Calendar

Our Cultural Calendar lists supported and/or sponsored events throughout the year which promote and raise the level of Black pride for our children and families.

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TRIP: PCOL & African Genesis are going to Ghana in 2019.
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Open Letter to the Philadelphia Black Community encouraging full support of black businesses.
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PCOL Initiatives

Get ready to mark your calendars! PCOL is in the community addressing issues important to African Americans. Watch for opportunities to get involved.

2017: The Black Family Reunion
Black Male Engagement
Black Male Engagement
Afro-Caribbean Partnership
Afro-Caribbean Partnership

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President Obama's Farewell Address
President Obama delivers his farewell address at McCormick Place, Chicago.

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